Oct 23, 2011


Ok dirty minds! I know what you are thinking.. All you buggers who is planning to read my full post just cos the title caught your attenion, stop getting so excited! This post is just another "venting out" tag. This post describes my extensive research on human behaviour when it comes to their delicate relationship between the finger and the horn on their bikes, scooties, cars, trucks and not to forget buses! Yes, my good ppl..  My study on the "Horn-o-logy".

When you start your bike in the morning, all you want to do is go to office/school/clg or wherever your destination is. Reaching the given place safely and in one piece cos of these roads and traffic is difficult, I do admit that. But going in peace is not at all possible. The very first "start the music" sound will be the HUGE blare of a bus horn. These bus drivers think they have the license to use the horn like ambulance drivers. The mere second any vehicle comes in front of them, they have to use that horn!! They just have to.. They wont even stop when you are out of their way. Its like them giving out a warning to all - "ey you idiots on the road! Drive in front of me and I will unleash this power of mine and thou shall go deaf. So mind it, I say!" Then we have these other impatient crowd who dont mind making that horn button cry.. Ok, I understand that you would like to go to your office in time! BUT DONT YOU GET IT THAT THE SIGNAL IS RED FOR YOU? According to them, they think that all these signals have feelings in them. So if they keep blaring the horn, the red signal will get irritated and will give way for green. Someone needs to tell them that listen, they are objects. Non living. Remember 1st std lessons. Non Living objects dont have feelings in them. So Stop it! And then, we have these "Hey,I am so cool-himesh reshammiya fans by default" gang. These buggers - They plug in their Fm/walkman phones and the world transforms for them. They dont use horn to give out a warning or to irrtate the red signal like the former kinds. They use the horn to feel good about themselves. They use the horn to be another himesh reshamiya in making. So this is how it works for them - They listen to a song and they use the only musical instrument available to them - Horn. The song goes - Aashiq banayaaaaa, The horn goes - pee pee, song - Aashiq banayaaaa, horn - pee pee, song - Aashiq banayaaaa aapneeee horn - peeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Pls note that the last notes is simultenously done at same time) You may not identify this kind of crowd so easily. They are a rare kind. (And I am so thankful for that!) But they do exist. Next time note it carefully when someone is blaring away to glory and is head banging slight a to the plugged in earphone in his ears. We also have another kind among us. But I really dont get angry on them so easily. These are the "I am sorry but I am learning driving now oly" kinds. If you come into a proximity of even 5 feet within them, they will get nervous and will start blaring! Some even shout out - Hey hey hey.. pathu pathu pathu.. careful careful careful! and you will be like what? who? why? dinosaur? earthquake? rakhi sawant?.....huh!oh! ok chill! Sometimes it get so worse that, I would feel like ripping out the wires from their vehicles and shoving it down to their throats... Now now now, pls dont think in a wrong way about me. I am not really such a violent person but what to do! Gandhigiri doesnt really work for this kind of situation!! :(

PS : This is my second post on driving! or the mere state of traffic on the road.. I realised it after typing away for a good deal of half hour. SO no I am not going to delete it. thou shall read it and comment too!!

PPS : It feels good to be back on this space :) I do hope some "teeny-weeny" percent of readers will still be interested to spare a comment or two. Not really promising to be the super regular kinds but wont dissapear again so easily either. Cheers!!


Sree said...

good one Thoorika!!!!

Indians will be on top of the list to Thank Invention of Horn.

And yeah use of horn is a common etiquette of indian drivers.

Thoorika said...

Thanks Sreeram!

Horns in vehicles are supposed to be boon. Indians make it a bane!

nan said...

hahahahaha :D u're perv too :D i likeyy :D

Thoorika said...


You read the whole post and oly 1st line caught your eye! Shabba!