Oct 23, 2011


Ok dirty minds! I know what you are thinking.. All you buggers who is planning to read my full post just cos the title caught your attenion, stop getting so excited! This post is just another "venting out" tag. This post describes my extensive research on human behaviour when it comes to their delicate relationship between the finger and the horn on their bikes, scooties, cars, trucks and not to forget buses! Yes, my good ppl..  My study on the "Horn-o-logy".

When you start your bike in the morning, all you want to do is go to office/school/clg or wherever your destination is. Reaching the given place safely and in one piece cos of these roads and traffic is difficult, I do admit that. But going in peace is not at all possible. The very first "start the music" sound will be the HUGE blare of a bus horn. These bus drivers think they have the license to use the horn like ambulance drivers. The mere second any vehicle comes in front of them, they have to use that horn!! They just have to.. They wont even stop when you are out of their way. Its like them giving out a warning to all - "ey you idiots on the road! Drive in front of me and I will unleash this power of mine and thou shall go deaf. So mind it, I say!" Then we have these other impatient crowd who dont mind making that horn button cry.. Ok, I understand that you would like to go to your office in time! BUT DONT YOU GET IT THAT THE SIGNAL IS RED FOR YOU? According to them, they think that all these signals have feelings in them. So if they keep blaring the horn, the red signal will get irritated and will give way for green. Someone needs to tell them that listen, they are objects. Non living. Remember 1st std lessons. Non Living objects dont have feelings in them. So Stop it! And then, we have these "Hey,I am so cool-himesh reshammiya fans by default" gang. These buggers - They plug in their Fm/walkman phones and the world transforms for them. They dont use horn to give out a warning or to irrtate the red signal like the former kinds. They use the horn to feel good about themselves. They use the horn to be another himesh reshamiya in making. So this is how it works for them - They listen to a song and they use the only musical instrument available to them - Horn. The song goes - Aashiq banayaaaaa, The horn goes - pee pee, song - Aashiq banayaaaa, horn - pee pee, song - Aashiq banayaaaa aapneeee horn - peeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Pls note that the last notes is simultenously done at same time) You may not identify this kind of crowd so easily. They are a rare kind. (And I am so thankful for that!) But they do exist. Next time note it carefully when someone is blaring away to glory and is head banging slight a to the plugged in earphone in his ears. We also have another kind among us. But I really dont get angry on them so easily. These are the "I am sorry but I am learning driving now oly" kinds. If you come into a proximity of even 5 feet within them, they will get nervous and will start blaring! Some even shout out - Hey hey hey.. pathu pathu pathu.. careful careful careful! and you will be like what? who? why? dinosaur? earthquake? rakhi sawant?.....huh!oh! ok chill! Sometimes it get so worse that, I would feel like ripping out the wires from their vehicles and shoving it down to their throats... Now now now, pls dont think in a wrong way about me. I am not really such a violent person but what to do! Gandhigiri doesnt really work for this kind of situation!! :(

PS : This is my second post on driving! or the mere state of traffic on the road.. I realised it after typing away for a good deal of half hour. SO no I am not going to delete it. thou shall read it and comment too!!

PPS : It feels good to be back on this space :) I do hope some "teeny-weeny" percent of readers will still be interested to spare a comment or two. Not really promising to be the super regular kinds but wont dissapear again so easily either. Cheers!!

Mar 2, 2010

GIve me some sunshine, Give me some rain! Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again!!

Na, my blog post is not about the song or how true it is (when it comes to my life!), in fact it’s quite the opposite! I didn’t update it as my status message on the social networking sites either. Unlike many people who had kept the first few lines as their status messages! In fact I downloaded the song and listened to it after seeing those messages only. (Don’t laugh at my ignorance! It happens!) When I listened to the song completely, the tune caught me. I was humming the song for few days but it never occurred to me to update it as my message! Yes, I do agree with the fact that couple of sentences in the song might be true in everyone’s life. Heck, my school bag used to be so heavy that it was used as weapon to hurl it at class guys who would tease me unnecessarily! I used to change the bleddy school bags regularly since they would tore apart regularly since they won’t be able to bear the weight of all the books. But apart from that, I am happy to say that other sentences were not so true. I was quite an average student at school. One who would happily do well and while away time at art classes, top in English, fail in maths (Yes! Students who fail in maths are considered as average, so don’t give such looks!) And pass in other subjects. I used to happily go play every evening and even morning during holidays (only time when I got up early in the morning!) Obviously it doesn’t mean that my parents didn’t pay attention to me at all. I scored quite decently during 10th boards and pretty well during 12th boards! I was given lot of freedom to take as much as co curricular activities I wanted to – Arts, Basket Ball, Martial arts, Music! All the credit goes to my parents only. But on the other hand, I sure would like to get a chance to grow up again. There are many things that I would like to change. My school life had never been a memorable one! Apart from few really good and long lasting friends and couple of teachers. I am a complete different person today. Now I wish that I should have been like this during my schooling period. Much more outspoken, not as boring as I was that time, not so dumb as I was at that time, lil bit more crazy as I am right now (Again let me clear the fact that being dumb and being crazy are 2 different characteristics!! :D) and happily enjoy all the moments! Well, I guess it was just a phase of life which is now over and there is absolutely no point in grumbling over it again. Yeah, yeah, I can see some of you out there raising an eyebrow and thinking then why the heck I took pain to write such a big post!! C’mon guys! It’s been ages since I updated my blog. I needed some topic right?! :P

Oct 11, 2009

Our Third Empire!

Off late Google [read Third Empire] is playing a very vital role in decision making session of my family members. For example, last week all of us, including my Gundu mama and Yo Uncle (If you are wondering who are they, then please read this. And ya, please don’t forget to comment! :D) were watching TV. Nothing great was on TV so I simply switched to a random music channel. A song started playing (unfortunately I don’t remember which one!)  And suddenly my dad made a statement!

Dad : Hmmm.. It’s been really long since I listened to Hariharan song. Such a nice rendition by him.

My mom gave him such a horrified look as if he told her that an alien from Pluto came to earth and gobbled up Hariharan as a revenge for removing its name from Planets list.

Mom : Oh please! Don’t insult Hariharan by telling that he sang this song and all (She is a major Hariharan fan)
Dad : Oh is it?! Then tell me who sang it?! It is Hariharan.
Mom : No, its not!
Dad : Ok then tell me who is it!
Mom : Wait I will tell you! I don’t remember this guy name now. He is that tall lanky looking guy!
Gundu mama : Its that guy! Shankar Mahadevan!
“Yo” Uncle : Eh Gundu! Its not Shankar Mahadevan!
Gundu Mama : Then who else!
Mom : Ayio.. I can’t remember his name.

She turned to me and asked me to help! Since I had no clue, I just rattled off my in depth knowledge on Tamil Industry singers.

Me : Karthik?
Mom : No!
Me : Unnikrishnan?!
Mom : No No!!
Me : SPB?!
Mom (Also a great fan of SPB) gave me such a threatening look as if she is going to push me down from the LIC building!

Me : Eh.. sorry.. came out in a flow! Naresh Iyer?!
Mom : No!!!
Me : Douglas Kennedy?!
Mom : Eh.. who is that?!
Me : He is a writer! I was just testing if you are really listening to me or not!
Mom : Hmph.. Ya! Krish! That’s it! Krish is the singer!

Dad and Gundu mama : NO!

Yo uncle looked at me – Uh huh! Fight is boring! Come we will go check out Third empire.
Thus we ended up in the front of comp and it turned out that some Belly Raj has sung the song. So the fight came to an end with everyone getting disappointed and myself and Yo uncle having a nice laugh!

Next day some other issue came up. This time it was the population of Chennai.

Dad : Would be around 3 to 4 crores.
Gundu mama : Cha cha.. Would be in lakhs!
Dad (with again a horrified look) Are you mad?! Ever visited T nagar during Weekends?! You cant even come out alive from that place, esp if it’s a festive season! And you are saying that Chennai population would be in Lakhs!?
Mom : 8 crores!
Dad and Gundu mama looked at each other and started laughing!

Yo uncle, who was happily sitting on sofa with a book turned to me and said: Comp is on! Go consult the third empire!

I googled and found out that its 4.34 Million. The reactions?! Don’t even ask about it!!!

Oct 2, 2009

The story behind my "Yo" Uncle's sheepish smiles!

Recently two uncles of mine, has come down to spend some time with us. I am pretty fond of both of them. One of them is lovingly known as Gundu mama (Gundu means fat in Tamil!) Everyone calls him like that only. In fact, majority of our common friends don’t know his real name at all. And the second one has landed straight down from Dubai. Nowadays he is trying to differentiate between Kozhambu (Kudumbu in his words) and Sambhar and also between Podi (chilli gunpowder) and Maavu (batter used for making Idly and Dosai). Thus, you can see his expert knowledge in Tamil. But he is one super cool person! So let’s call him the “Yo” uncle! (I do hope they don’t read this post in near future!)

Yesterday scene is something which is worth mentioning here. My mom generally makes the batter at home itself (In other words, Maavu archify with the help of the grinder). As in we don’t buy it from outside. She always does that in the evening but then, she remembered that she had to go to market to pick up few stuff!

My mom : Ok I have to go to market.
Yo uncle : (Since he knew that she had to carry out the maavu archifying process, he offered to help!) Oh ok akka, you carry on. I will put the podi in the grinder and finish your work.

[Sensing that some hilarious moments are about to follow, Yours sincerely and Gundu mama positioned ourselves on the sofa so that we don't miss out anything!]

My mom : ?!?!?! why do you need to put podi in the grinder?
Yo uncle: Why? Are you planning to buy podi from outside to make the Dosai?
My mom : AYIO! Podi is different. We use Maavu to make Dosai’s!
Yo uncle: “55 watt bulb sheepish smile” (In order to cover up the situation) ok then I will make Kudumbu!
Me : Is it a goan dish?! (He is from goa!)
Yo uncle: Eh? No, your mom only made it yesterday!
My mom : No I didn’t! I don’t even know how to make such a dish!
Yo uncle: But you made it yesterday for dinner!
My mom : What did I make for yesterday dinner?
My dad : Same old Sambhar! What else!

Laughter erupts which gets silenced by Mother dear’s chilly stare directed to dad!

My mom to Yo uncle: That was Sambhar!!
Yo uncle: “75 watt bulb sheepish smile”
Gundu Mama: What’s the connection between Kudumbu and Sambhar?! I mean, how can one get confused with 2 different words!
Yo uncle : Actually I thought Sāmbhar was the one which you made for today’s lunch!
My mom : Now what did I make for lunch?
My dad : You showed some mercy and made Kozhambu for a change!

Another laughing session which was again silenced by Mother dear’s threatening advances, following which my dad disappeared from the scene!

Mom : That’s Kozhambu !! Not Kudumbu!!
Yo uncle : “100 watt bulb sheepish smile!”

This announcement has been pending for a very long time! Parzi has awarded me Freakin Fabulous award.
Though I feel that I am not eligible to receive this award (as you can see from the amount of cobwebs my blog has gathered from past few weeks!) Please do visit her blog ! She is a total sweetheart with a nice blog!

Sep 13, 2009

Her Beautiful Life

This is all I was able to come up with for the Moonlight contest @ WL. I had to write something related to the following pic. So here you go :)

She saw the clock strike eleven and got up immediately from her bed! Then she started searching for her slippers in the darkness, trying not to make even a slightest sound. She can’t afford to let her mom know that she was trying to sneak out of the house. Tip toeing to the front door, she opened it quietly and crept outside. The darkness devoured her, making her quite similar to her shadow. At first, she took cautious tiny steps like an excited kid who is just learning to walk. Once she was far away from her home, she broke into one run. She can hear the big waves at the sea nearby, roaring away. She smiled to herself and headed in the direction of the beach. One can sense the excitement and happiness she is feeling at that moment, when she was heading towards her favorite place. 

Suddenly she stopped! She was speechless. The sight of the beautiful full moon caught her by surprise. Why surprise?! Because at that moment, she realized that her life is also so beautiful, just like that sight. The sight which showed the full moon playing hide and seek with the dark clouds! The clouds didn’t spoil the splendor of the moon in any way at all. Instead it created a mysterious aura around the moon. This made the moon look even more magnificent! She stood there silently, savouring the peace she felt, drinking in the beauty of the sky.

Suddenly, someone gave her a warm hug from behind. Someone stood right behind her, whispering in her ears, “Hey beautiful”. This time she was not caught by surprise! Instead she turned and smiled at him. The same smile, which made him fall in love with her and which made him propose her. The same smile, which she gave him when she said “Yes”!
As she rested her head on his shoulders, she thought, “Yes, Life is very beautiful indeed”