Mar 3, 2009

Sweet remembrance!

Damn it!
Of all the days, why did my bike get punctured today only?
Of all the days, why should I have the most important meeting today !
How can I get so involved in work even today ?! I didn’t notice the time at all. I shouldn’t have had come to office only. But what can I do?! I can’t avoid it also. I don’t event know when I will go to office next.
He looked at his watch and got alarmed. He asked the auto driver to fly.
I hope she don’t kill me. Gone case!!
There, she also kept checking the time.
Sigh! Why did he go to office today too!
She looked at his father who was trying his no for past 15 mins, which was not reachable. She let her eyes stray away and looked around. She looked at the officer in charge who was growling at her. She, hurriedly looked away to avoid his deadly stares, which reminded her that they were running late. Her sight fell on the bag in her sister’s hand. She was struggling to hold it.
How come it’s so heavy?! Mom didn’t put anything in it except the 2..
“I am here!!!”
She looked up and saw him standing there, trying to catch his breath.
“I am so so sorry. The bike got punctured at last minute. And my phone battery died. Because of which, I was not able to call Avinash also. He went far ahead me”
“Please! You are already late.”
The officer reminded him, but with a tight smile on his face. Both of them gave him a sheepish smile and then turned towards each other. At last! The moment has finally come. Her sister handed them the 2 garlands from the bag. While they were exchanging it,
He whispered, “So sorry dear. Love you sweetheart”.
She looked at him with a frown and asked, “You forgot that we are getting married today.. right?!”
He looked at her and both of them started laughing.
She whispered back, “Love you too bhulakad”
And they both lived happily ever after.
PS : Dedicated to one of my closest friend who is getting married to a lovely lady on Mar 8. Wishing them all the happiness and love in the world : )
PSS : Bhulakad means forgetful person or someone who is absent minded !! :P