Apr 28, 2009

Close call

“What the !@#$%”
“Hey bhagwan”

Emotions that came out of different kinds of individuals when they came to know that the gate no has been shifted from 224 to 216. After some time, the temperature intensified to alarming rate when they discovered that the gate no has been shifted again from 216 to 116. Pleasant words were exchanged (sorry not exchanged, since it was only one way communication) between the airport authorities and the passengers. The lowes overflowed so much that authorities ears started bleeding.

After finally settling inside, we patiently waited for the flight to take off.
15 mins … half hour.. 45 mins… one hour… 1hour and 15 mins… 1 and half hour.. 1hour and 45 mins and finally after 2 hours the pilot announced that they were ready to take off.

Passing the time was not a big deal for me. 3 chinki guys were sitting next to me. They looked pretty professionals with all suits and ties dotted on. Would be in their early thirties. One was making planes out of the napkins provided to him, another was sticking the feedback forms over the first one’s head and the last one was trying to capture the art with his mobile camera. After one point they became so noisy that the airhostess came to them and made them do “finger on your lips”. Only after they got calls from their head office, they hushed down.

Finally the plane took off and we were given menu cards and were asked to pick our choices. Totally there were 3 dishes and 2 of them were non veg. Yours sincerely, being one pure vegetarian asked for the only vegetarian dish – Avial curry. While I was waiting for my turn to come, one steward came and placed a plate in front of me. I gave him one quizzical look and asked him for avail curry. He told its Shavial. I thought he pronounced Avial as shavial and tried to correct him.

Shavial mam!
Shavial !!
No, I want the avail curry (Showing him the menu card)
Oh !! You didn’t ask for Shavial?
(Almost in tears!!) NO!!!
Oh!! Sorry mam!!!

I still don’t know what he meant by shavial.. ! Finally my Avial curry came and I happily scooped it in a spoon and placed it in my mouth. The minute I placed in my mouth, the colour of my face changed from turquoise blue to peacock green!! With the steward watching my reactions intently, I quietly kept the spoon down and gulped down water. In the end, I was very much contented with the bland coffee, dry bun and not so fresh fruits !!

The final blow came when the plane started shaking violently on air. Announcement was made by the pilot requesting us to put up our seat belts. After one point of time, one was able to hear “allaaaaaah” on my left side, “sai ram, sai ram, sai ram” chants on my right side and “oh lord!! jesus save us” at the back. Even the chinki guys were murmuring something. Though I tried to decipher what they were chatting but I was not able to understand. Amidst all these confusion, one fat guy was snoring away to glory. He got up only when his wife smacked his head!! First came a big roaring yawn and then only he understood the seriousness. Ultimate comedy was when the pilot warned us to gear up for a belly landing. The volume of the chants became louder and occasionally someone played along in the orchestra with sounds of burping and puking. We did have a rough landing. People even also got small bumps on head. Which looked like the bumps Tom cat gets in the Tom and Jerry cartoon series. People were walking like drunks when they were getting down from the plane. It was a complete circus!!

Thus an eventful day came to an end. The funny part was that I was so busy in observing others antics, that I forgot the seriousness of the situation at that time. The Funniest part was when one air hostess was busy watching me observing others and forgot her job and when she mentioned that when we were getting down. My reaction?!


Apr 12, 2009

End of one era!

Time: 12.30pm!
Venue: College OAT
Scenario : Random conversation ranging from few department’s sense to NCC talks to council talks to cousin’s talks to friend’s talks to latest news on IPL Over paratha panner, Manchurian rice, Sambhar rice, idli , fried rice channa and one lime tea !!
V : hmmm.. eppa enna panalam? Enga polam? (For those souls who don understand Tamil, its now what do we do? Where should we go?)
N : Anyplace is fine “Yawn”
“Excuse boss you have a msg!” A checks her mobile
L : Hey will go for ayan huh?
M : Yeah! “with a big 100 watt bulb smile on her face” (she is a big fan of surya!!) But I have to withdraw money.
V and N : Inward “Groan”
“Excuse boss you have a msg!” A checks her mobile

Me : “Yawn” Guys dabbu ledhu.. ! Didn’t know that you will plan to go out. We will go some other day
“Excuse boss you have a msg!” A checks her mobile
L : Ya.. even I am bankrupt.. What about Beach?
Me : I don’t have any prob!!!! (I am a big fan of nature you see :P)
N : It will be too hot!
“Excuse boss you have a msg!” A checks her mobile
V : Ya!
M : “Yawn”
Me notice a big smile on A's face!
Me asks her : What?
A: No more current affairs paper in our life!!! “With another BIG grin”
M: Yaaaa!!!! Then she gives another 100 watt bulb smile and claps her hands and starts jumping up and down!
V, L and N watch M do all this circus tactics for 2 mins and burst out laughing.
M sees them laughing and laughs along!!
Me and A look at each other and shake our heads! A gets another msg and again she checks her mobile. After 2 mins again V repeats the first dialogue, Hey where shall we go?
Me and N : “Yawn”
N : You know what? Let us all go home and sleep!!! I am sleeeeepy !!
Me : Ya ppl! Even I am sleepy. Myself and N started studying at 12 only yesterday night and I slept at 3.
“Excuse boss you have a msg!” A checks her mobile
N : I slept at 5. 30. We will go out some other day.
M : Ok ok ok!!
Conversation ends!
Bottomline : The conversation may be a waste of time but still I will miss it!! College life is coming to an end and there will be no more V’s comments on dress sense of few departments, N’s attitude and sarcasm loaded replies, L’s endless bitching about “You know who” and A’s endless talks on NCC and M’s circus tactics.. !
Yes Anusha I will miss your mokkai also... And I will miss all my other classmates also!! But I don’t want to get all emotional and nostalgic and write one big post about it...! Though these three years in this college were utter waste but I gained lottsa experience in many things (I don’t want to talk about it here cos my dad will bash me!!) (Includes good things also so pls dont get upset dad :P) and got lots of good friends and am happy for that :)