Feb 10, 2009

Wait and Watch! Last part!

Please read Part 2 here if you missed it!

And please read Part 1 here if you missed that also! 

Sachin didn’t go for dinner. When it became quite late, his aunt came to his room enquiring about him. He refused to dine and told her that he is not able to sleep. She gave him sleeping tablets and closed the door.
She came out smiling! Her husband saw her smiling and gave her one inquiring look. She motioned him to come to their room. They went inside and closed the door.
“Well what happened?”
“Plan is working out. I told you. He actually believes it. I just now gave him those so called sleeping tablets.”
“ahhha.. Good job my dear!”
“You were worrying unnecessarily. Let the so called sleeping tablets start working. In few days he will end up in mental asylum and you can ask the lawyer to make all the properties to your name since Sachin will cease to be a suitable owner to all the properties!”
He rubbed his hands in glee and enquired her
“But how did this idea come to your mind?”
“I overheard him grumbling to Sameer that his friend Swapna got transferred and she didn’t even call him after shifting to new place. Stupid! He forgot the fact that he changed his cell no recently and that girl don’t have his no. So that gave me this idea. Also I know how sensitive he has become after his parents death. So I asked you to add the story. I was sure that it will work out “
“Today he was telling something about one of his seniors also to Sameer”
“OH that guy! He got arrested in an eve teasing case. And that guy is a relative of the area MLA. Obviously, the warden cannot talk anything about him.
Good! He got arrested at the right time!”
“And now,
Just wait and watch!”

Feb 7, 2009

Wait and Watch! Part-2

Please read Part 1 here if you missed it!  

They reached college and checked in their classes. Sachin was still thinking about Swapna. Just then he remembered that he has to collect books from his senior. He checked for Sourabh in his class. He was nowhere to be seen.
Strange! That guy is missing for past one week.
Suddenly he heard someone mention Sourabh’s name. He turned around.
“Arey where is Sourabh yaar? That guy is having my I pod”
“Dunno man! He is not seen in his hostel room too. Even the warden is not disclosing anything about him”
“That’s strange!”
What?! What is happening around me?!
The whole day Sachin was distracted. The moment he reached home locked himself in his room. His uncle noticed this and went to his room. He asked Sachin what was troubling him. He told whatever his aunt told him that day morning.
“Hmmm... so she told you also huh?!”
“Well ya... So it is true?! You already knew about this?”
“Yes.. er Actually.. nothing.. Leave it Sachin”
“What uncle.. please tell me what is it?”
“I don’t know beta... Maybe it is true”
“I encountered similar situation when we were in Delhi. A family friend vanished without any trace! In fact your parents knew about it. After that incident only Bhaiya and Bhabhi left us alone in this world. The accident happened immediately after that incident. Though I don’t think it’s connected in anyway. We didn’t want you to get affected since that house had painful memories. We shifted here to Shimla. “
“But uncle”
“No Sachin... Don’t keep thinking about this now... Now get back to your studies... And come down for dinner”
“Hmm… ok uncle”
Sachin was not able to understand anything. Swapna, Sourabh and now his parents! He was going mad.
Is this true?! What happened to my parents?! Was it really an accident?

Feb 5, 2009

Wait and Watch! Part-1

“How is it even possible?! Don’t joke aunty. Talk practically. How will I even believe this?! No one will believe it. Go to any guy on the road and tell him that you meet spirits in your everyday life but you won’t know that they are spirits as they come in as solid human beings! They will laugh on your face.”

She smiled mysteriously.

“What?! Why are you smiling? Ok tell me who the ghost known to me is?!

“Don’t ask me. Ask yourself. You must know someone who vanished all of a sudden without any trace. They are not ghosts. They are spirits who just had some unaccomplished mission in their previous life may be with you or that to be done through you in this birth! ”

“Ya right! Whatever!”

How did she know!?

“DUDE!!!! C’mon we gonna be late for the exam!!”

His cousin Sameer called him from downstairs. Sachin grabbed his bike keys and went down. Both of them started off to college. Sameer was rambling something. But Sachin was not listening to him.

Is it true? No! Ghosts don’t exist. Or spirits.. Whatever! But Swapna did vanish without any trace.. If they got transfers, she would have called me. No way... What am I thinking? She can’t be a spirit and all!!


“Hey! What’s happening?? Man …. The bus! Were you dreaming? Damn it!

Sachin was stumped! He didn’t notice the bus at all. He was shocked to see that he halted the bike only few feet before the bus. The driver was yelling at both of them.

“Let’s get out of here before they get down and hit us. Let me drive!”

Feb 1, 2009

Doomed, if caught!

I kept running and running. But, slowly and silently. It shouldn’t hear us! Otherwise we are doomed. The little girl stopped. I looked back and urged her to run. She refused. I know that she is tired. We have been running for past 20 mins. Looking for a place to hide. Looking for a place to save our lives. I looked back. It was coming. I can sense it. It’s looking for us. Eager to catch us.
I looked around. Finally I saw one building.
“C’mon girl. Run!”
“ I cant”
I just scooped her in my arms and dashed towards that building. Sensing my footsteps, it also followed. Panic gripped me.
We entered that building and I started searching for rooms with doors on it. But alas! It has already destroyed all the locks on it. How clever it has become. We stumbled upon something. It was the guy who helped us yesterday. Till yesterday he was alive. But today, no more than a lifeless disfigured body. I got used to it but I turned the face of the little one away. Again I heard it coming. We broke into a run again. Finally, we entered into one room. But there was no lock for this one also. I didn’t bother closing the door. It’s just too clever. I simply switched off the lights and pushed myself and her under the bed.
It also entered the building. It looked for us.
Kept looking into each room.
Finally it came in front of our room.
And it stopped!
It entered our room.
I waited for it to leave. We held our breaths. But I could listen to my heart hammering away so loudly that I feared that IT will hear it.
It started it way out of our room. I could sense it hunger! His hunger for us! Its evil look! Finally it left.
She heaved a sigh of relief. NO! I mouthed. It heard us. It came back. I closed her mouth. I could see the fear in her eyes. She was able to see the same emotion in mine!
It came near the bed. We could see its legs. It stopped right beside the bed. I could sense that it’s looking around for the source of sound! FOR US! Then it bends down to see what’s under the bed! Slowly I saw it bending down and down and down and
I woke up to see my mom bending down to wake me up. I got up and rubbed my eyes and looked around.
Darn! It was a dream!

PS : "IT" is actually a dinosaur! but I wanted to leave it to your imagination! Nothing much of writing out here. Just felt like penning it down and so I did. Hope you enjoyed it :) Do tell me how is it written !!