Jun 28, 2009

Cool choice!

She was standing near the bus stop.
Adi and Akshay were admiring her beauty from a distance
“So how is my choice?”
“Yaar, I never thought your taste was so good man!”

Smacking his head over Akshay’s sheepish smile, Adi went near her and wiped off the speck of dust on his new Yamaha R15!

Jun 19, 2009

The Chemistry!

“How about a walk?”

She smiled warmly and replied, “Sure”

Both of them started walking on the pavement. It was 10 in the night and the road was quiet. Neither of them spoke anything but the silence was not suffocating either. They enjoyed the silence and savoured each passing second, spent in each other’s company.

It was cloudy, but they enjoyed the breeze. Suddenly the weather changed its mind and rain started pouring! She started running and took the shelter under the big banyan tree nearby. He started laughing and stood right there, enjoying the feeling of the raindrops on his face. She gave her warm smile again. He looked at her and suddenly saw something in her eyes. What was it? The same look of love, which he had in his eyes. For her!!

Both of them looked at each other, transfixed on the spot. He took a step towards her. She went a step back. He smiled and went near her. Slowly! Suddenly, she turned away, smiling to herself. He smiled and touched her tender hand. She shivered. Not because of the cold rain, but because of his warm and loving touch. Then she slowly faced him.

Yes, he was right!

He can see the love in her eyes. Love for him!

He can see the desire in her eyes. The same desire, which he had!

He can see the longing in her eyes. It didn’t hint any lust, but mere passion!

“OK, CUT”, the director shouted, “Good Shot, both of you! I can almost feel the chemistry”

The hero and the heroine smiled at the director and went to their respective chairs, while the spot boys cleaned up the so called “rain” on the set!

Jun 5, 2009

The Decision

He thought over his final decision again.

Then with a firm nod, he took the pen in his hand.

He looked at the paper in front of him and then finally, he signed inside the box.

Next hour he gave the report card to his class teacher, which carried the forged sign of his father's.