May 31, 2009

Far Yet Close

She stuck her tongue at him
He frowned
"Dont do it again"
"I will, I will. What will you do?"
"I will pinch your cheeks"
They both started laughing. Suddenly the power went off.
"Uh huh, Gotta go"
"Take care dear, Love you baby"
She smiled and switched off the webcam and her computer.
PS : Sorry Arv, I stole your title !! Was not able to think of a better title.

May 17, 2009

Books! Moi best companion for now (If u don count Mafia wars @ FB)

Disclaimer : LONG post and it’s all about books. So pardon me if you find this post very boring !!

Of late I am really very jobless. Another sign which reminds you that college life has come to an end. So am having ample time to nag all the people around me to the extent that they go mad and wonder why the hell my college got over..! Ever since college started I didn’t get the pleasure of reading any novels back to back, which I used to do when I was in school. My mom used to get so much irritated with that habit of mine that one day she threw all my books up at the loft. But she forgot that I used to have one big source called library at school. Fortunately mine was a good one. Being one of the bright students of the readers club at my school I was given 2 issue cards, which enabled the privileged to issue 4 books at the same time. So my happy soul used to issue 4 hardy boys collection and used to hide it between the big computer “C+” book. I never read that C+ book. Hate that subject. I still wonder how I passed in computer science. I still detest it. But that bloody subject still haunts me, cos now my sister is learning it at school and she comes to me with all scary doubts. Anyway this post is about the novels which I have finished in the past one week. So bookworms are welcome while the souls who use novels as pillow can close the window now itself.

I have been trying out new authors. I have not heard about some of them at all. But since I have lots like that right now so thought that why not give them a shot !!

My first one was THE BLUE HOUR by T.Jefferson Parker
Murder mystery. 2 detectives nab down a psychopathic serial killer, who abducts beautiful young women from the malls and kills them in one horrifying way.

Nice plot. The author wanted to develop a very different type of serial killings which he tried to do in this book. The book has couple of kickass one liners, which prompted me to use them while I was chatting with one of my friends. She got so surprised that she logged out abruptly without even telling me bye. I guess I scared her off :D

At certain points, the author has given lots of technical details which will confuse you at times unless and until you are medical students. Such details lead to cooking up of biryani in the end, which is absolutely tasteless. You have to go back by few pages and read again to see what you have missed. But the climax was built nicely. You can almost feel the suspense.

Bottomline : “OK” book, which you can read when you are really jobless like me.

ABSOLUTE RAGE by Robert. K. Tanenbaum
A lawyer and detective (husband and wife duo) investigates their neighbor’s murder mystery and in the midst fights hard to protect their own family from the killers.

Again nice plot. I loved the detective character, Marlene. Samma character. Even otherwise all the other characters sketched out in a nice way. All were given equal importance. Entire story was gripping.
Lots of useless details were given. They were of no use at all at times. Got bored when such huge paragraphs in the name of conversations came up.

Bottomline : “Good” one. It won’t bore you.

THE JOB by Douglas Kennedy
One smart salesman finds himself a victim of downsizing and then grabs upon a job offered by one of his friends. Unfortunately that job definition includes murders, fraud, embezzlement and lots of trouble !!! How he comes out of all the trouble is the story.

Now this guy can write !! If I remember this is the only book which I was not able to keep down at all, after Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. I just wanted to finish it in one go. The book is very fast paced and you enjoy the pace also. The Times has described it as “A furiously paced, compulsive thriller” which is really true.

His main character talks a lot !! Like my 4 year old cousin. At times you would like to shout out ”Will you stop thinking for a while and shut up?” But in the end, you will find yourself sympathizing with it when his wife leaves him.

Bottomline : “Brilliant” one. In fact I am going to try other books by this author.

WISH YOU WELL by David Balcaddi
2 kids, aged 12 and 7 meets with one accident which marks their dad under dead and mother under paralyzed and in coma. So they go off to Virginia mountains to their great grandmother where they have to get up at 5 in the morning to help her out with all the chores. But the new town’s greed and justice brings the family in one difficult position. How they protect each other and how they stand up for the other is the story.

This author is usually known for his suspense novels and this novel is his first attempt at a different beat. And I must say that it’s beautifully written. You will sail along with the flow of the story. Its written to the point. No useless dialogues. The characters and their feelings is sketched out beautifully

Bottomline : I loved it !! Finished the 368 pages in 7 hours flat !!

HORNET’S NEST by Patricia Cornwell
Murder mystery again but never mind!! I was never able to go past 4 chapters. It’s beats even history books by making you feel sleepy.

Presently I am reading BEYOND YESTERDAY by Robert Wheeler. Kind of OK book but let me first finish it !!

May 6, 2009

This is called "Teamwork"

Taken at my dad's office !! The lady who pitched up the line " Team work when the manager is not around" surely has a good sense of humor !! Notice the different names written on the puppies. Names of the people who work out there :D Unfortunately my dad name is not there :P