Mar 2, 2010

GIve me some sunshine, Give me some rain! Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again!!

Na, my blog post is not about the song or how true it is (when it comes to my life!), in fact it’s quite the opposite! I didn’t update it as my status message on the social networking sites either. Unlike many people who had kept the first few lines as their status messages! In fact I downloaded the song and listened to it after seeing those messages only. (Don’t laugh at my ignorance! It happens!) When I listened to the song completely, the tune caught me. I was humming the song for few days but it never occurred to me to update it as my message! Yes, I do agree with the fact that couple of sentences in the song might be true in everyone’s life. Heck, my school bag used to be so heavy that it was used as weapon to hurl it at class guys who would tease me unnecessarily! I used to change the bleddy school bags regularly since they would tore apart regularly since they won’t be able to bear the weight of all the books. But apart from that, I am happy to say that other sentences were not so true. I was quite an average student at school. One who would happily do well and while away time at art classes, top in English, fail in maths (Yes! Students who fail in maths are considered as average, so don’t give such looks!) And pass in other subjects. I used to happily go play every evening and even morning during holidays (only time when I got up early in the morning!) Obviously it doesn’t mean that my parents didn’t pay attention to me at all. I scored quite decently during 10th boards and pretty well during 12th boards! I was given lot of freedom to take as much as co curricular activities I wanted to – Arts, Basket Ball, Martial arts, Music! All the credit goes to my parents only. But on the other hand, I sure would like to get a chance to grow up again. There are many things that I would like to change. My school life had never been a memorable one! Apart from few really good and long lasting friends and couple of teachers. I am a complete different person today. Now I wish that I should have been like this during my schooling period. Much more outspoken, not as boring as I was that time, not so dumb as I was at that time, lil bit more crazy as I am right now (Again let me clear the fact that being dumb and being crazy are 2 different characteristics!! :D) and happily enjoy all the moments! Well, I guess it was just a phase of life which is now over and there is absolutely no point in grumbling over it again. Yeah, yeah, I can see some of you out there raising an eyebrow and thinking then why the heck I took pain to write such a big post!! C’mon guys! It’s been ages since I updated my blog. I needed some topic right?! :P