Dec 24, 2008

Elithraniel's tag!

Another tag so follows another post!

1. What is your "occupation"?
Well, you see I find this word difficult to even pronounce, leave alone living up to its meaning! So ya useless question to me. Next!

2. What color are your socks right now?!
Right now its lying in my dustbin since my mom refused to wash it as it stinks so much! So never mind the color!

3. What are you listening to right now?
Father figure by George Micheal. Beautiful one.

4. What was the last thing you ate?
My dinner, which was dosai!!

5. Can you drive a stick shift?

6. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
Who was it?!!!!! Shit.. bloody no one even calls me nowadays! Ya, It was Dinesh!

7. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
Who? Anusha? What to say?!! hmmm... cant hate her or ignore her in any case! So obviously I like her! :P But she hates me to the core!

8. How old are you today?
20 years, 5 months,19 days and I hate maths!

9. What is your favourite sport to watch on tv?
Hole in the wall in POGO tv:P Other than that, I second Iyshu's ans - Quidditch!!

10. What are your favourite drinks?
Coffee,Chocolate and pomegranate Milkshake!

11. Have you ever dyed your hair?!
I wanted to try yellow for a very long time but my mom told me that she will disown me if I even think of dying my hair!! So the ans is NO!

12. Favourite food?
Anything that is less spicy and vegetarian! But mostly north indian cuisines and PIZZA.

13. What is the last movie you watched?
Wall E. I even wrote a post on it. Read it here.

14. Favourite day of the year?
July 5 !!!!

15. How do you vent anger?!
It would start with loud music, showing my irritation to anyone who crosses my path and then it will gradually subside I will get to listen to one loud blasting from my mother in return! But dont dare to cross my path, when I am angry before my mom does. Otherwise bear the brunt!

16. What was your favourite toy as a child?
Lets see.. Catapult, Hockey stick, Boomerang(which only hits someone and doesnt come back!), Cricket bat, the heavy Cosco ball! You see I was a very quiet, calm and chamathu(read innocent) kid!

17. What is your favourite season?
Though I suffer a lot but still its Winter and Monsoon! Hot coffee, staying in your house the whole day and snuggling under your blanket!!

18. Do you want your friends to e-mail you?
Sure!! love it! even snail mail will do!

19. When was the last time you cried?!
Naaa.. Dont remember! I rarely cry.

20. What is on the floor of your closet?
Crap! The recent addition is my last semester internals paper! Which remind me that I have to sell them to the old newspaper collectors guy!

21. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending to?
Lots! So next!

22. What did you do last night?
Was kicking George Bush out of his office in my dreams!

23. What are you most afraid of?

24. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburger?
Cheese! Yummy!

25. Favorite dog breed?
I prefer to be the only king or say the queen in my house. I already have one competitor in the form of my sister. Dont want any more. So poor knowledge in dogs breed.

26. Favourite day of the week?
Friday! Your weekends starts from the next day!!

27. How many states have you lived in?
Vadodra, Shimla, Delhi and Chennai.

28. Diamonds or pearls?

29. What is your wish for this new year?
To suffer from short term memory loss. Dunno why but ya! Otherwise I desperately wish to get a job!!!!!!! A proper job which will pay me decently and with which I will be happy or contented! Nothing more than that.

30. New year resolution?
He he! What is that?! I never believe in them!

I am not passing the tag to anyone! Would like to pass it to Nandhini but knowing her quality of laziness, I know that she wont bother to write only. Rest, If anyone likes it, they can take it up! :)

Dec 23, 2008

My big fat tag!

I have been tagged again by Karthik. I guess my last post only would have made him tag me on this topic :P What I need to do is that I need to write about 6 funny unusual habits while watching/going for movie”

This tag is gonna difficult for me since I am not a movie buff. I do watch movies but mostly its downloaded ones. Lets see.... Hmmmm.... What was the last movie that I saw in theatre?! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I know thats a really big one. But its quite difficult to think of the last one also. OK don't hate me for this but the last one was "Yaar Di Nee Mohini". Its a tamil flick. I remember there was no other good movie worth watching in theatre and all so I went for this one along with my family. I still remember how my dad stuck to the song "Oh baby...oh baby" and how my mom used to slap on her head whenever he started to hum this song :D I dont know whether I am doing justice to the tag but just typing down whatever comes to my mind when it comes to movies!

1. You may find it funny but I am a person who starts feeling cold if the temperature drops even a little bit. So I usually take my jerkin along whenever I go for a movie. Even if its burning hot outside. If I am going with any of my friend or my mom, in some time they would be fighting with me for their dupatta. Since I would somehow snatch it from them to wrap myself with it :D I know its funny but anyway... Ok, stop laughing! By now, I am used to the stares that I get from people around me when they see me wearing a jerkin on a hot summer day!

2. Very rarely I feel like going for a movie. So whenever I feel like that, I would make big plans and all with my friends and family. Exchange of SMS, conference calls, presuading my mom to go for a movie cos of some stupid reason, fighting with my friends that I wont go for a particular movie just because I dont like ajit and it would be a Ajit's fick. But you know what the outcome will be! Absolutely nothing! The movie plan will vanish in the thin air and I will forget about it. So mostly whenever I go for movies, it wont be planned at all. It would be like " Hey, lets go for a movie" and the next minute, I will be sitting in the theatre.

3. This is a fun part. Usually this happens when I would have either seen the movie before itself or would have read something regarding it. Like The Harry Potter Series! Since I would read the book before watching the movie, I would irritate the person sitting next to me with the story line! I would tell them what the next scene would be, or would tell the dialogues or something like that. After one point, the person would be having a murderous look on her face! Which would be signal for me to shut up and save myself from the horrible consequences! :D

4. The comments part! After all we have all the rights to talk out whatever we feel. Whether its a comment on the nearby couple who would be coochi cooing instead of watching the movie or the guys in the back who would try to act smart !! Which actually is not what it to be!! And when you have a company who can think of all slapstick comments then its nothing like that! In sometime, it would be a scene of "War of words" in the theatre.

5. The translation part! This usually happens when I am accompanying friends who dont know hindi that well, to a hindi flick. I would have to play the role of translator. Now I am a person who is not so good in explaning. So by the time I search of words to explain the hindi punch dialogue, I would have missed the next few dialogues. And then I would be pestering my another friend to fill me up with what I have missed. By the time this happens for the umpteenth time, one could listen to the growling sounds made by the people sitting right around me. Achai ka tho zamana hi nahi raha!

6.Paper rockets! I used to do it but dont do it anymore! In that darkness you will never know on whose head your paper rocket has landed! unless and until you get to hear a yelling " evan da ava? Padutha paru da. @#$@*%^$ "(I cant type the rest! Censor board doesnt approve it you see!) The best part is no one suspects you since you would be having the innocent looks on your faces! I Still remember the paper rockets that myself and Anu used in the movie" Vetiyadu vilayadu".

Well, thats it! My tag is done. Now I would like to pass it to Anusha, Iyshwarya (Hope I got the spelling rite! :) I am expecting a long post on this) and Padma!

Dec 20, 2008

Evaaaaa... !!

Today when I came home from college, I was in a very low mood and the most irritating factor was that I didn't know why I was like that. Usually whenever I feel low, I will switch off all the lights in my room and listen to music. It helps me get out of the the low mood or depression. Today, decided to watch a movie alone, for a change. Which I usually don't do. I wanted to watch Wall E for a very long time and one of my good friends gave me the CD long back. So today I switched off the lights in my room, put on the head phones and watched the movie. Its such a cute and romantic movie. Though its a robot but still its cho adorable kinds! It was like one of the perfect movies in all sense. I know that the story line doesn't sound practical in any way. But you know what, ask your brain to not to think for some time and watch the movie. you will enjoy it to the core. Even the animation. It was so beautifully done. I mean just with the eyes (or whatever it is called in robots parts :P) the emotions were portrayed so beautifully. Anger, Happiness, Love, Despair, Fear - you can easily feel all the emotions simply by looking at the Wall - E's and Eve's eyes! The romantic angle between both the characters doesnt sound stupid when you sit through the whole movie till the end.

The way the Wall E shows all his foundings and treasures to Eve, the way it saves all new things in his cabin (or whatever it is), everything is nice. Even the cockroach, which is the only living being on the earth does not disgust you in any way. And in the way of malfunctioning robots, the spirit of friendship is shown. The movie is hilarious as well. Each and every scene has humour attached to it. I am in a very enthu enthu mood right now. Not completely enthu and all. But still at least not that much depressed.

I wanted to write a post on my Jaya Tv experience. Though its too old story but I still will write it some day :P. OK, ppl. I am logging out. Hope you guys have a relaxing sunday! At least I need one. But its not gonna happen. I know :(

Nov 30, 2008

Dont have any words for them..

In Chennai it was raining cats and dogs and in Mumbai it was raining bullets and blood!! I sat down to write a humorous post regarding my so called experiences of my bondings with Chennai rain. But in the midst, I was reading all online news about the Mumbai happenings and my mind got switched off, in a better way, lets say NUMB!! We ppl, get numb by simply watching the news and videos. Think about the plight of those ppl who lost their family members in these 4 days. 183 people lost their lives. I dont have any sympathy towards the 9 terrorists who got killed. So I never included them in the 183 lot. The no 183 include those people like the innocent foreigners who just came to India in search of peaceful holiday. Even after such a huge loss, our so called politicians dont want to think about the security and other issues. They still want to play the blame game!!!I bet they are not even bothered about the loss of lives or the loss of the image of India in front of the foreigners. What bloody role did they play in this whole issue other than blaming each other and making out meaningless statements in front of the cameras. We saw others work. The journalists played their role. One saw them crouching down out there, updating us with what all is happening out there, even losing their lives or braving the bullets in the midst of their duties. I dont say that all of them did good job but eventually they tried right! The commandos did their role. Now when I think about those politicians and commandos, I cant help thinking about Raj Thackery. Someone had sent a message to the news channels, where they show the sms in the tickers scrolling down that "where is raj thackery supposed to keep his face now since none of the commandos were marathis!!" Ultimately Raj Thackery didnt come forward to save Mumbai. People who came were either North Indians or South Indians!! The guys out there who lost their lives fighting for the safety of other people were not marathis, the guy who got the bullets in their chests were not marathis. Unwillingly or willingly they did fight for their nation and not only for Mumbai.

I can go on and on this post, since at this moment, I can vent out my frustration through this only. But I do have to stop at one point.

I dont have any belief in god but I sure would like to say that may the souls of people who lost their life rest in peace and I just wish that may people who lost their loved ones get the mental support to pass through this painful ordeal.

Oct 30, 2008

You hav got mail. And its nly spam!

When I was in Delhi, I used to write letters frequently to one of my brothers in Chennai. I have saved up all the letters which I got, right from when I was in class 6th to 10th !! We used to write regularly to each other, discussing all sorts of nonsense! My mom used to joke that I used to write ramayana and he used to write mahabharat. All our letters used to be so long! But ever since I came to Chennai, no one writes letter to me :( I still tell my brother that I miss receiving letters. And he jokes that I can still write him letters but should not expect any replies in return. After coming here, the only letter I got was from my close friend, who is still in touch with me. That letter was 9 pages long!!!! Ya, I did get one more letter from another of my close friend. But her hand writing would be just like a doctors handwriting. In fact, sometimes she wont be able to recognise her own writing.

Her writing would be somewhat near to the below one. Or wait.. I think even worse..

Ok fine whatever! The point is I still have not read the letter since I don't have that much talent to understand it. But I miss her. She is an absolute gem!!

The tradition of taking up a white sheet (it could be even coloured!! not a big deal), a pen and pondering over what all to write and penning it down has gone!!!

Nowadays no one has any time to even e-mail!! Though everyone have an e-mail to their name. Everytime I open my mail box, I am greeted by junk mails, idiotic forwards and spam mails! My another friend in Delhi has one good reason for not writing a letter! She states that there is not even a single postbox near her locality and she has to pester her dad or brother to post it, who eventually forget about the letter once they put in the pocket. Once I got her diwali wishes at the time of Christmas!! So you can imagine the scene. Eventually I never believed her excuse untill I got that particular letter. So nowadays I save her the trouble of writing and posting the letters by simply making one STD call. Our generation finds it amusing that once upon a time, there used to be pigeon mails. But at this rate, our next generation will find handwritten letters and post boxes as amusing !!!

Oct 27, 2008

Tata.. Goodbye.. C ya.. I won't miss you.

Warning : Very Very long post!

Yeah! That was my exact reaction day before yesterday. And those farewells were to moi ex-phone *A wide smile on my phone showing all my teeth*. Finally, I got my new phone. So I am going to dedicate this post of mine to the terrible Samsung phone. Now what was the model no?! Even after being its owner for one and half years (actually more than that but I seriously don't remember the time) and even after getting tortured by it so much (No typing mistake. I didn't torture it. It was the other way round) I really am not able to remember the model no.

I got my first phone during the end of my first semester in the college. Till then I didn't had any hopes of buying a mobile since my parents didnt had any idea to get me one. But on one fateful night, thanks to Chennai traffic, I reached home very late. I had gone to Nandhini's house to work on one project and by the time I got bus back to home, it was quite late. And since I didn't own any phone, there was no communication with my parents at all during the travelling time. They freaked out and the very next day my mom (with a dejected look on her face) came with me to the nearby mobile shop near our house and got me Nokia 1600.
Our relationship was going quite strong until my dad eyed it and exchanged his phone with me. He gave me his Nokia to me. Now don't ask me the model no. But it was a very very old phone. Nokia has stopped its manufacturing long back. It was a basic phone with a big phone memory and the keypads as strong as Flintstones house!! Infact I dreaded touching my phone every time I used to get a msg in it. After few days of using it, my fingers started complaining and were always covered in bandages. I think you would have got an idea. And one fine day, it's display broke due to some reasons! So, again my mom (again with the same dejected look) came with me to the same shop and got me Samsung X210 (I googled now to find out the model no)
I still don't know why I got that phone. Actually I didn't had any choice. At that time mom didn't had any time to explore other shops and other phones and she gave me a mere budget of 4k! And only this phone suited her.

Till now I kept my mouth shut and bared all the tortures. But recently few keys in my phone stopped cooperating. No one, apart from me, was able to even accept a call with that keypad, leave alone typing one simple msg!!! From a very long time, I had an eye on Sony Ericsson walkman series. So after lots of convincing, cajoling, demanding and begging sessions with my parents, I finally got myself a Sony Ericsson W660i. That too with my hard earned money * again a wide grin*

I actually was in love with W810i and always wanted to buy that phone only. But unfortunately they stopped its manufacturing also :( :( :( *sniff sniff* After torturing the salesperson in about 9 shops, I finally convinced my mind to short list this one at one sony ericsson showroom (Though I don’t like the look of this phone that much)

So this is my advice to you ppl that please don’t go in for Samsung phones! At least that particular phone, otherwise you will also end up dedicating one post in your blog grumbling about your misfortune!!

And I know its late!! But still " HAPPY DIWALI" to all of you. Hope everyone had a safe diwali !!!! ;)

Oct 23, 2008

Moi doodlings # 1

One of my hobbies is painting. I am not going to say that I am a very good artist. I just sketch and paint, whenever I am bored. Though I don't like this painting of mine, I just put it cos I don't know on what should I blog right now. Will put up some more better paintings of mine soon!!! :)

Oct 22, 2008

I am far better than 'em.

I still remember the time ( some 9 years back) when my sister kicked me in her sleep and which resulted in myself falling down from the bed. The reason behind her well aimed kick in the sleep was the blanket ( Actually it was me but I would rather blame the blanket. Its always a nice feeling to put the blame on someone else) I am a person who feels very cold when it is just little chilly weather. For example, now its monsoon time and its raining 24/7 and usually ppl won't feel cold that easily unless its really and really cold but throughout these days, I will feel comfortable without fan for the whole day. So on that fateful winter night, unknowingly in my sleep I pulled her bed sheet for myself. And my sister, unknowingly in her sleep, kicked me out of the bed. But let me tell you it was not a monsoon time in chennai, but a cold winter time in Delhi. Recently my dear friend was pulling my legs about such nature of mine. My friends finds it quite amusing. It reminds me of different people's behaviour, whom I knew in Delhi.

The next building twins whom I knew where one such amusing example. One guy would feel very lazy to have his bath everyday due to the cold weather. So he would go on without having his bath for a week. He, atleast would change his clothes everyday. While the other twin would be lazy to even do that. He would change clothes once in 3 days!!! Ultimately no one would know about it since he would be wearing pullover or jacket when he comes out. But one fine day, his mom disclosed this secret to us!! She pleaded, begged, scolded, threatened, cajoled him to not to be like that but when there was no signs of his changing his habit, she simply called all the kids on the block and told this. Out of embarrassment, he started changing his clothes everyday. But I don't know about his bathing habit!!

During that time, it would be very difficult to get up early in the morning for schools and offices. After all, who would like to leave the cosy and hot blanket and bed. Ultimately all the kids would get up late and go to school late. To avoid this situation, my neighbours, brother - sister duo used to wear their school uniform and sleep. The next day, their routine would be getting up, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, eat the breakfast and off to school. Trust me, most of the small class kids used to follow the same example.

I even remember all the mothers in my colony grumbling over the fact that all the jeans and shirt pockets were having lots of ground nuts in it. And also the complains of mothers of tiny tots. According to them, there was no point in mopping their house everyday since all the tiny tots do is wet the house every half hour!! Now actually that's not fair. After all these lil kids would also feel cold right.

And sleep - it was something that used to come in few seconds! No one used to have sleeping problems at that time. Most of the time boring classes would make us sleepy but at that time, on would find kids sleeping even in interesting classes. In fact, one can find even teachers snoring away in the staff rooms!!! We used to wait till the teachers sleep so that we can submit the last minute homework to avoid scoldings for late submission. 

Though I suffer a lot during winter time, But its one weather which I love the most!

Oct 20, 2008

Driving in the hell would much more better.

It came in news that comedian Vivek was very unhappy since all his jokes revolved around serious subjects but no one took it seriously! Well, I would like to assure him that people do follow his jokes seriously. Especially one of his jokes in some movie, where he joked about people's driving skills in Chennai that people in Chennai put left indicator, put out their hand showing right direction but go straight!!!

During those days when I used to go to college by public transport, I used to waste lots of time waiting for the bus at bus stops. The time would be adequate enough for me to memorize one complete detail answer of 5 pages during my exam times. Whenever my mom called me asking me where I am, my answer would always be the same- Bus stop! I guess she got bored with this answer of mine so eventually I got my own bike recently. So now, everyday, I go to college by my scooty.

Today, early morning, at 7'o clock, two love birds were coochi cooing while driving!!!!!!! That guy was right in front of me and was driving his discover bike and at the same time was trying to stare into his girl friend eyes who was his pillion rider!! I was like"what the heck". In their romance, both of them didn't notice the fact that I was blaring my bike horn like anything, because of which now its sounding as if it has got cold. I so wanted to tell them that there are places like fruit shops, coffee day where they can continue their romance but I chose to shut my mouth and continue with my journey as I was not in a mood to argue with anyone at that time.

Another instance is, everyday, whenever I start from house to go to college, I get stuck at traffic at one particular road everytime. Now everytime few college guys also get stuck and sometimes when I overtake them at any instance, they will take it as a big insult! How dare a mere scooty overtake my Pulsar bike!! With this thought in mind, they would challenge me to race with smirks on their face. At first, I thought it as a joke and didnt mind. But when it continued everytime I overtaked them, it started giving me good laugh right at that time. I mean, how can they even think like that. First of all race, that too in that busy road!! And second thing race between a non gear scooty bike and a geared 200cc pulsar bike. Does their brain stop working at that time?! On second thoughts, do they actually have brains?!

The laughing riot are these police guys who travel in their white Apache bikes! If a common man stops in front of the stop line, he has to listen to all the slang words in tamil or if this traffic people are out of funds, all of a sudden they will start working briskly and will catch people who don't wear helmets. But these people don't obey any of the traffic rules, break all the signals and don't wear helmets also. And if any poor guy stumble in that cop's way, when he is busily jumping the signals, that guy is a gone case!! At the end of the one sided conversation between both of them, that guy ears will bleed like anything.

PS : I don't have any personal grudges against any of the cops and neither would I say that all the cops are alike. But most of them are like that. That's the fact!!
I enjoy driving. But sometimes driving in Chennai roads actually give me nightmares. Funny nightmares!

Oct 16, 2008

The answer to this question is Karunanidhi is the present ......

Warning : Kids please keep your parents away from this particular post as it will mean trouble for you in future.

Two down and one more to go. Yes, I am talking about my exams. I, after group studying with Madhu and Nandhini (Yeah, yesterday we included Madhu also with us, since neither of us had any clue about what why Thailand declared emergency or why Russia and Georgia were fighting with each other or why India and Srilanka were fighting with each other over Katchatheevu issue!!!) over the phone (again) successfully attempted Current affairs paper also today.
Yesterday,we discussed over lots of international, national, local, regional and even next door mother in law and daughter in law argument over the remote issues (Though I dozed away at that point) Now coming back to the point, as you can see, we painstakingly enlightened us with lots of current affairs. In fact today, in class myself and Vidya, out of desperation of not able to remember all the dates as in when Musharaff resigned, wrote them out on our forehand. We were wearing full sleeves kurtha's so there was no chance of being caught :P (Hope my dad is not reading this! Kids, this is why I told you to keep your parents away)

Don't try too much to decipher what is written. I, myself, was not able to understand what I wrote. Though that's another thing that they never asked those questions!! :( Once in a life time, I try to copy. But my efforts fail!
Anyway, coming back to point. After all these efforts, when we received the question paper, myself and Nandhini were laughing out heads off. The person who had set up the paper, was a huge fan of DMK party. When you see the following questions, you yourself will be able to know why
  • Who is Kanimozhi?
  • Comment on the introduction of Kanimozhi into politics.
  • What do you know about the split between DMK and PMK.
  • Elaborate on the political standing of Stalin.

If not questions which was pointing directly to DMK, it would be :
  • What is TN govt stand on Cauvery Issue?
  • TN govt latest on Mullaiperiyar issue.
  • What is the sethuramar issue about?
All my answers starting line was
  • Kanimozhi is the daughter of Karunanidhi. Karunanidhi is the present chief minister of TamilNadu
  • Stalin is the son of Karunanidhi. Karunanidhi is the present chief minister of Tamil Nadu.
  • DMK - Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. The party chairperson is M.Karunanidhi. He is the present chief minister of Tamilnadu.
Yes, apart from the questions on DMK, we were asked "What is "Big dog"?. None of us had any clue about it. I started thinking that if its a nickname of any DMK party members. But ultimately after thinking over the question for some 18 mins and 20 seconds, I left the question for choice.
Now when I ponder over my answers, I don't think I have written the paper so badly. What do you ppl say about it?!

Oct 14, 2008

Strike one!

After my sincere group studying along with Nandhini over phone (yes! Over phone. I am sure my dear mom is going to get heart attack once the phone bill comes ) from 12.30 to 3.30 am in the morning yesterday, I successfully attempted my Indian Constitution and media laws semester examination today!

Halfway the paper, I dozed away happily and unknowingly as usual. Thanks to moi lecturer who woke me up and asked me what happened! Not wishing to embarrass myself, I lied - "Headache mam!!" And she started laughing - "Headache a?! On seeing the question paper?!" And I sheepishly smiled and replied - "Yes mam!!" 

After finishing the exam and during my drive to way back home, I was happily dreaming about hot lunch, cosy bed, warm sheets and tight sleep!!! But first, few surprises awaited me when I reached home. Strike one - No power!! I had to climb all the four floors up to my house due to unavailabilty of lift (My house is on fourth floor) Finally when I reached there and when I was beaming as if I had scaled mount everest. Strike Two - A big fat lock, hanging at the front door, was staring at me. I imagined it to have a big mouth, which was laughing at me. Muahahahaha! Yeah, exactly like that. I called up my mom and asked her where she is. She was like am out buying groceries. So, again, I went all the way down and went in search of her and got the keys. And again, I climbed up the stairs. All the bloody four floors. And when I climbed up the last step, Strike three- Power come!! grrrrrrrrrrr!! Went inside, and started rummaging the kitchen, hunting for food. But no! Another surprise awaited me. My mom didnt make anything for me :( So, I had to wait till she came back and cooked something for me. I was just too tired to go and fix up something for myself. But I wont blame her also. Everytime she would have made something for me and I would have my lunch at college and wont eat anything after coming back home.

After lunch, when I hugged my bed, Strike four - My bro came home. This little guy dont like it when someone is sleeping peacefully in front of him. Once he simply poured one full small bucket of cold water on my mom's head when she was dozing away to glory. So my sleep also vanished and I ended up watching Dora and Bujji (By the way, a new character has been introduced in that series and I am yet to know the name properly.. What was it? Diago..? no! Iago..? Dunno!!! Will ask him and tell you ppl) In between, I was fighting with him for the remote to watch the movie - Page 3. I like that movie. Quite practical, quite real, quite simple!!

And today it was this kid birthday!! Happy Birthday Achu :) He was looking so cute in his rajasthani type birthday dress. So evening happily went away to his house for birthday bash. Now my stomach is reminding me often that I had too much cake :(

Finally my day has come to an end. And now I am sleepy and tired and exhausted and strained and fill in whatever you want to. So before I doze off on my keyboard, I will sign off. Good nite ppl!

Oct 11, 2008

Who invented this bloody exams?!

I often ponder a lot when I am jobless. That's another thing that I am always jobless. But when I was pondering over few things at 3 in the morning yesterday.. no wait.. it was night.. actually early morning.. ok whatever time it was.. Now where was I?! Ah, yes! When I was pondering over a few things at 3 in the morning , realization struck me!!!

Only 3 more days left for exams and the first one is the most deadliest one - Indian Constitution and media laws!! [I know even the name sounds deadly]

So before going to sleep, I promised myself. I will finish at least some considerable amount of portions tomorrow and I slept off happily [The surprising part was that I had a sound sleep after that promise part]

I kept my alarm for 9 o clock. Yeah, I know there is no need for alarm for 9 and all. But trust me, I didnt get up even at that time!! Finally my morning dawned at 10 listening to the sweet scoldings by my mom. I got up and finished all my morning routines and my brunch. Time - 1 pm! Then I finally convinced my mind to study. But before that, I had to do one important work. Search for my note :D Then I started the search party for my IC notebook and finally after many difficulties [such as cleaning that horrible book shelf of mine] I got my book. Time - 2 pm.
Then my cousin [my cute 5 year old lil bro] came home. And came running to my room shouting didiiiiiiii. I am like what?! Lets play. And what was my reply?! Sure!!! "with a wide grin" So my books were left ignored and when my cousin left, I remembered them. Time - 4 pm

I started pitying my books and just when I was about to open it, my mom suggested - Lets watch a movie!! So it was movie time. And I happily whiled away some 3 hours watching Bachna Ae Haseeno!! [By the way, the movie was good. I like deepika padukone and she was stunning. And I noticed that Ranbir dances well.] Time- 7 pm

Again I convinced myself and started off with great deal of energy, thinking not to get up before finishing at least 2 essay questions. I took my book and opened the Fundamental Rights answer. Article 14 states that the state shall not... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... I was rudely awakened by the vallavan ring tone. I got my phone from somewhere inside the papers and attended it. It was my best friend whose job these days, was to keep reminding me how many days were left for my exams.

My friend: Hi, what doing?!

I [after thinking what will be the consequences if I tell sleeping decides to lie] : studying!!

Friend : Oh, Thats great. I really didn't expect this ans.

I : Why? What you thought?

Friend : I thought you were sleeping.

I [Darn, he is good] :C'mon how can you even think like that? Only 3 days are left for exams. And I have so much to finish.

Friend : Finish?

I : I mean revise. Oho, now will you keep the phone down. Asking me all sorts of stupid questions. I will talk to you later.

Friend : Ok ok Sorry, you study well. I wont disturb you. Bye.
Time : 9 pm.

Now, I am in front of my computer,writing down this post. After this, I don't think I will take up my books. First of all, I don't remember where I kept it. Have to check it under my bed. Would have fallen down when I was happily sleeping.

Sigh!! Who invented this bloody exams!!!

Song of the day : Aap ki nazron ne samjha from Anpadh

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I just love Lata Mangeshkar.One of my favorite singers.
For those souls who like this song and are searching for lyrics, click here

Sep 27, 2008

Though I know...

Alone in the crowd,
With my loved ones,
with me.
But, when I look around,
I find no one,
beside me.
I don't say they don't care for me,
But I do feel that they just bear me.
Maybe, something is wrong with me.
Though I don't want it to be.
I don't want to express myself,
I know it would be good,
for thyself.
Expressing myself is something - I fear.
And in that fear, I believe!

Jun 17, 2008

Monopoly and basketball. I miss them!!

I miss those days...!! Those days when I used to get up at 5 in the morning!! [ I know, I know 5 is too early for me but ya, I did got up at 5 in the morning ] and then myself along with my friends gang of about 10 to 15 girls and guys would set off to a nearby park and play leg cricket and gallery ! Believe me, it was fun. Half of the time would go in dividing the teams itself. After the a game of leg cricket and gallery till 9, all the mummy’s would come out and yell loud enough that the whole colony will hear it. And the gang will vanish in minutes!! My mom used to complain that how come I used to get up early in the morning to play but never to study during the exams. 

Now coming back to the point, that why I started missing those days was the game of carrom. Out of boredom, I dusted the carrom board and played it with my family. And yeah! I and dad won the set. I knew that my dad was pretty good at carrom board but today only saw his skills. At that time I was thinking about the games that I used to play with my friends. The basketball court at my school. I used to bunk my morning classes and used to play basketball citing the reason that tournaments were coming and we need to practice. I just love basketball. But ever since my school life came to an end, I never even touched a basketball till now!! And I miss that game.

I love the game of monopoly also. It was always fun and never ending. My mom likes scrabble. It’s her all time favorite and she is pretty good at it. Though it used to be boring in the beginning but we started enjoying it. We used to invent strange words on our own and used to swear that such words existed!! Then dad would get the dictionary and mom used to check whether such a word even existed!! Hmm…!! Now everyone is busy with their work and no one has any time to play and all. Though I would love to play a game of monopoly or basket ball with anyone who is interested!! (Actually I don’t even know whether I still can put the ball in the basket with ease as I used to, but still...) What to do!! Life moves on!! ...!!