Nov 30, 2008

Dont have any words for them..

In Chennai it was raining cats and dogs and in Mumbai it was raining bullets and blood!! I sat down to write a humorous post regarding my so called experiences of my bondings with Chennai rain. But in the midst, I was reading all online news about the Mumbai happenings and my mind got switched off, in a better way, lets say NUMB!! We ppl, get numb by simply watching the news and videos. Think about the plight of those ppl who lost their family members in these 4 days. 183 people lost their lives. I dont have any sympathy towards the 9 terrorists who got killed. So I never included them in the 183 lot. The no 183 include those people like the innocent foreigners who just came to India in search of peaceful holiday. Even after such a huge loss, our so called politicians dont want to think about the security and other issues. They still want to play the blame game!!!I bet they are not even bothered about the loss of lives or the loss of the image of India in front of the foreigners. What bloody role did they play in this whole issue other than blaming each other and making out meaningless statements in front of the cameras. We saw others work. The journalists played their role. One saw them crouching down out there, updating us with what all is happening out there, even losing their lives or braving the bullets in the midst of their duties. I dont say that all of them did good job but eventually they tried right! The commandos did their role. Now when I think about those politicians and commandos, I cant help thinking about Raj Thackery. Someone had sent a message to the news channels, where they show the sms in the tickers scrolling down that "where is raj thackery supposed to keep his face now since none of the commandos were marathis!!" Ultimately Raj Thackery didnt come forward to save Mumbai. People who came were either North Indians or South Indians!! The guys out there who lost their lives fighting for the safety of other people were not marathis, the guy who got the bullets in their chests were not marathis. Unwillingly or willingly they did fight for their nation and not only for Mumbai.

I can go on and on this post, since at this moment, I can vent out my frustration through this only. But I do have to stop at one point.

I dont have any belief in god but I sure would like to say that may the souls of people who lost their life rest in peace and I just wish that may people who lost their loved ones get the mental support to pass through this painful ordeal.


Elithraniel Arawion said...

i agree with all my heart thoorika.. kudos to those commandos.. they did an amazing job

Thoorika said...

ya i know!!