Dec 23, 2008

My big fat tag!

I have been tagged again by Karthik. I guess my last post only would have made him tag me on this topic :P What I need to do is that I need to write about 6 funny unusual habits while watching/going for movie”

This tag is gonna difficult for me since I am not a movie buff. I do watch movies but mostly its downloaded ones. Lets see.... Hmmmm.... What was the last movie that I saw in theatre?! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I know thats a really big one. But its quite difficult to think of the last one also. OK don't hate me for this but the last one was "Yaar Di Nee Mohini". Its a tamil flick. I remember there was no other good movie worth watching in theatre and all so I went for this one along with my family. I still remember how my dad stuck to the song "Oh baby...oh baby" and how my mom used to slap on her head whenever he started to hum this song :D I dont know whether I am doing justice to the tag but just typing down whatever comes to my mind when it comes to movies!

1. You may find it funny but I am a person who starts feeling cold if the temperature drops even a little bit. So I usually take my jerkin along whenever I go for a movie. Even if its burning hot outside. If I am going with any of my friend or my mom, in some time they would be fighting with me for their dupatta. Since I would somehow snatch it from them to wrap myself with it :D I know its funny but anyway... Ok, stop laughing! By now, I am used to the stares that I get from people around me when they see me wearing a jerkin on a hot summer day!

2. Very rarely I feel like going for a movie. So whenever I feel like that, I would make big plans and all with my friends and family. Exchange of SMS, conference calls, presuading my mom to go for a movie cos of some stupid reason, fighting with my friends that I wont go for a particular movie just because I dont like ajit and it would be a Ajit's fick. But you know what the outcome will be! Absolutely nothing! The movie plan will vanish in the thin air and I will forget about it. So mostly whenever I go for movies, it wont be planned at all. It would be like " Hey, lets go for a movie" and the next minute, I will be sitting in the theatre.

3. This is a fun part. Usually this happens when I would have either seen the movie before itself or would have read something regarding it. Like The Harry Potter Series! Since I would read the book before watching the movie, I would irritate the person sitting next to me with the story line! I would tell them what the next scene would be, or would tell the dialogues or something like that. After one point, the person would be having a murderous look on her face! Which would be signal for me to shut up and save myself from the horrible consequences! :D

4. The comments part! After all we have all the rights to talk out whatever we feel. Whether its a comment on the nearby couple who would be coochi cooing instead of watching the movie or the guys in the back who would try to act smart !! Which actually is not what it to be!! And when you have a company who can think of all slapstick comments then its nothing like that! In sometime, it would be a scene of "War of words" in the theatre.

5. The translation part! This usually happens when I am accompanying friends who dont know hindi that well, to a hindi flick. I would have to play the role of translator. Now I am a person who is not so good in explaning. So by the time I search of words to explain the hindi punch dialogue, I would have missed the next few dialogues. And then I would be pestering my another friend to fill me up with what I have missed. By the time this happens for the umpteenth time, one could listen to the growling sounds made by the people sitting right around me. Achai ka tho zamana hi nahi raha!

6.Paper rockets! I used to do it but dont do it anymore! In that darkness you will never know on whose head your paper rocket has landed! unless and until you get to hear a yelling " evan da ava? Padutha paru da. @#$@*%^$ "(I cant type the rest! Censor board doesnt approve it you see!) The best part is no one suspects you since you would be having the innocent looks on your faces! I Still remember the paper rockets that myself and Anu used in the movie" Vetiyadu vilayadu".

Well, thats it! My tag is done. Now I would like to pass it to Anusha, Iyshwarya (Hope I got the spelling rite! :) I am expecting a long post on this) and Padma!


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Chriz said...

i took thisone a year back and it was fun indeed ..
as for jan 1st 2009, i am back to blogging on that day

Thoorika said...

@ kalil

Thanks! Keep visiting!

@ Chriz!

Oh is it so? Welcome back! Dont mokkaipottafy. You took a real long break. so you better write posts on good and hilarious topics!!!

Karthik said...

Done tan 90* times better than me!!! So u are the one who threw rocket at me in VV eh? Caught red-handed at last!! LP-Virus (Long Post) has attacked you from me i guess!! No, not on your review... I have planned to tag a film stuff on you the day i visited your blog bcoz you are in Media/Communication :)

And u 2 don lik AJITH?? :P

Thoorika said...

Chumma dont blame !! In which theatre were you watching VV ? :P

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Chriz said...

mokkaiyaadhaan irukkkum.. but i have something for u on my blog when i come bak

Thoorika said...

@ Karthik

Gotcha!! I didnt see it in satyam!! Eppa enna panuve? eppa enna panuve!!

@ Chriz

Something for me?! Nice to know tat but at the same time I am feeling apprehensive about it also!!