Jan 6, 2009

Thevaya indha vambu?!

I came across these advertisements and its hilarious! These ads are about cheap call rates of a telecom operator Tele2, which is based in Europe. Thought will share with you guys.


Suyambuvel. M said...

haha......vambu thevaye illa!! second one was good...chk my fav funny tv ad in ma page :)

Chriz said...

that was good. esp the second one.. have you ever interacted in such a way?

added a new post on video games.. hop in

Thoorika said...

@ Suyambuvel

Yeah, It was funny!!!

@ Chriz

No.. Enaku andha vambu thevaya illai.. !!! :P

CM-Chap said...

Ha ha.. too good. Happy New Year

hitch writer said...

These are super !!! lol

And hey bout my blog i love people following it !!!

It would be great if you could join in !!!!

Karthik said...

Eppadi inda Video la kidaikudhu?? They were good... And you read Sidney Sheldon? Pinch!! :P

Karthik said...

You know to read tamil??

Thoorika said...

@ CM Chap

Thanks! Same to you as well. Keep visiting :)

@ Hitch Writer

Thanks :) Sure I will !!

Thoorika said...

@ Karthik

You tube !!! Wat else!! Innum nariya iruku.. !! Will upload it slowly!!

No :( I dunno how to read tamil !!

Karthik said...

//You tube !!! Wat else!!//

Shabba.. nee theduna mathum eppadi kidaikudu? :P And Where were you lost? Do my posts not clear enough?

Thoorika said...

Adhuku ellam oru thani talent venum :P

Your posts were clear but tennis is not my cup of tea!!! I like it only on tv, not written !!