Oct 27, 2008

Tata.. Goodbye.. C ya.. I won't miss you.

Warning : Very Very long post!

Yeah! That was my exact reaction day before yesterday. And those farewells were to moi ex-phone *A wide smile on my phone showing all my teeth*. Finally, I got my new phone. So I am going to dedicate this post of mine to the terrible Samsung phone. Now what was the model no?! Even after being its owner for one and half years (actually more than that but I seriously don't remember the time) and even after getting tortured by it so much (No typing mistake. I didn't torture it. It was the other way round) I really am not able to remember the model no.

I got my first phone during the end of my first semester in the college. Till then I didn't had any hopes of buying a mobile since my parents didnt had any idea to get me one. But on one fateful night, thanks to Chennai traffic, I reached home very late. I had gone to Nandhini's house to work on one project and by the time I got bus back to home, it was quite late. And since I didn't own any phone, there was no communication with my parents at all during the travelling time. They freaked out and the very next day my mom (with a dejected look on her face) came with me to the nearby mobile shop near our house and got me Nokia 1600.
Our relationship was going quite strong until my dad eyed it and exchanged his phone with me. He gave me his Nokia to me. Now don't ask me the model no. But it was a very very old phone. Nokia has stopped its manufacturing long back. It was a basic phone with a big phone memory and the keypads as strong as Flintstones house!! Infact I dreaded touching my phone every time I used to get a msg in it. After few days of using it, my fingers started complaining and were always covered in bandages. I think you would have got an idea. And one fine day, it's display broke due to some reasons! So, again my mom (again with the same dejected look) came with me to the same shop and got me Samsung X210 (I googled now to find out the model no)
I still don't know why I got that phone. Actually I didn't had any choice. At that time mom didn't had any time to explore other shops and other phones and she gave me a mere budget of 4k! And only this phone suited her.

Till now I kept my mouth shut and bared all the tortures. But recently few keys in my phone stopped cooperating. No one, apart from me, was able to even accept a call with that keypad, leave alone typing one simple msg!!! From a very long time, I had an eye on Sony Ericsson walkman series. So after lots of convincing, cajoling, demanding and begging sessions with my parents, I finally got myself a Sony Ericsson W660i. That too with my hard earned money * again a wide grin*

I actually was in love with W810i and always wanted to buy that phone only. But unfortunately they stopped its manufacturing also :( :( :( *sniff sniff* After torturing the salesperson in about 9 shops, I finally convinced my mind to short list this one at one sony ericsson showroom (Though I don’t like the look of this phone that much)

So this is my advice to you ppl that please don’t go in for Samsung phones! At least that particular phone, otherwise you will also end up dedicating one post in your blog grumbling about your misfortune!!

And I know its late!! But still " HAPPY DIWALI" to all of you. Hope everyone had a safe diwali !!!! ;)


vemuri said...

he he... congrats for your new phone....where is the party????(LOL~!!!)

and thanks for your advice.....will... def'ly never buy the samsung peice......


Thoorika said...

Now i am bankrupt after buying the phone :P

Ya keep in mind!! Dont ever go into that !!

vemuri said...

its ok u can give the party when u have money... but don forgrt;;;;:-D

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

He he... congrats on getting the new phone! :)

Karthik said...

Congrats fr the new pone.. Hope it wont trouble u and u too either!!! Lol. And even i've a samsung pone and if i'd read ur post 2 yrs back, i wudn't have!!!!

Elithraniel Arawion said...

atlast u got a new phone! I AM VERY PROUD OF U MAAAAAA

Thoorika said...

@ padma

Sure :D

@ Ish

Thanks!! :)

Thoorika said...

@ Karthik

Thanks!! Even I am keeping my fingers crossed for the same reason!! Keep visiting!!

@ Anusha

You don't talk to me lady!!

nan said...

your new phone looks smart!

Thoorika said...


Thanks but I hate the gold thing over it!!!

S said...

Congrats on your new phone...i guess Now you can blog from your mobile too..!

Chriz said...

buy a china mobile and get funky... pudhu mobilea FM varumaa?

Vinz aka Vinu said...

a post for your mobile..!!

sony ericson phones rocks..i loved using them in past..

belated deewali greetings !!..


Thoorika said...

@ s

Thanks!! :)

@ Chriz

Fm varume... adhu elamey oru phone a.. !!

@ Vinu

Thank you!! Same to you!! :)

happyz said...

1stly congrats.... its party time... and 2ndly u must have heard "the similarity between phone and hubby/boyFriend - if u wud hv waited a little longer you would have got a better one ;)"

once again Cheers for your new phone...

Thoorika said...

Yeah, I know. Even I got to know about some good phone after I finalized this one. But at that time I thought about how my mom wud react so I shut my mind and my mouth!!!