Oct 11, 2008

Who invented this bloody exams?!

I often ponder a lot when I am jobless. That's another thing that I am always jobless. But when I was pondering over few things at 3 in the morning yesterday.. no wait.. it was night.. actually early morning.. ok whatever time it was.. Now where was I?! Ah, yes! When I was pondering over a few things at 3 in the morning , realization struck me!!!

Only 3 more days left for exams and the first one is the most deadliest one - Indian Constitution and media laws!! [I know even the name sounds deadly]

So before going to sleep, I promised myself. I will finish at least some considerable amount of portions tomorrow and I slept off happily [The surprising part was that I had a sound sleep after that promise part]

I kept my alarm for 9 o clock. Yeah, I know there is no need for alarm for 9 and all. But trust me, I didnt get up even at that time!! Finally my morning dawned at 10 listening to the sweet scoldings by my mom. I got up and finished all my morning routines and my brunch. Time - 1 pm! Then I finally convinced my mind to study. But before that, I had to do one important work. Search for my note :D Then I started the search party for my IC notebook and finally after many difficulties [such as cleaning that horrible book shelf of mine] I got my book. Time - 2 pm.
Then my cousin [my cute 5 year old lil bro] came home. And came running to my room shouting didiiiiiiii. I am like what?! Lets play. And what was my reply?! Sure!!! "with a wide grin" So my books were left ignored and when my cousin left, I remembered them. Time - 4 pm

I started pitying my books and just when I was about to open it, my mom suggested - Lets watch a movie!! So it was movie time. And I happily whiled away some 3 hours watching Bachna Ae Haseeno!! [By the way, the movie was good. I like deepika padukone and she was stunning. And I noticed that Ranbir dances well.] Time- 7 pm

Again I convinced myself and started off with great deal of energy, thinking not to get up before finishing at least 2 essay questions. I took my book and opened the Fundamental Rights answer. Article 14 states that the state shall not... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... I was rudely awakened by the vallavan ring tone. I got my phone from somewhere inside the papers and attended it. It was my best friend whose job these days, was to keep reminding me how many days were left for my exams.

My friend: Hi, what doing?!

I [after thinking what will be the consequences if I tell sleeping decides to lie] : studying!!

Friend : Oh, Thats great. I really didn't expect this ans.

I : Why? What you thought?

Friend : I thought you were sleeping.

I [Darn, he is good] :C'mon how can you even think like that? Only 3 days are left for exams. And I have so much to finish.

Friend : Finish?

I : I mean revise. Oho, now will you keep the phone down. Asking me all sorts of stupid questions. I will talk to you later.

Friend : Ok ok Sorry, you study well. I wont disturb you. Bye.
Time : 9 pm.

Now, I am in front of my computer,writing down this post. After this, I don't think I will take up my books. First of all, I don't remember where I kept it. Have to check it under my bed. Would have fallen down when I was happily sleeping.

Sigh!! Who invented this bloody exams!!!

Song of the day : Aap ki nazron ne samjha from Anpadh

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I just love Lata Mangeshkar.One of my favorite singers.
For those souls who like this song and are searching for lyrics, click here


Elithraniel Arawion said...


God that was exactly how my day went :P

Thoorika said...

No, Anusha!! Am not gonna trust you anymore after reading your recent post!!

Muahahaha!! The truth is out!!!

Chriz said...

blogrolled ya

Thoorika said...

Thanks chriz! So are you!! Keep visiting!

vemuri said...

hmmm good one..... even i suffer from the same syndrome....

P.S: study well :-P or atleat try to....


deepti goud said...

lol....wen i was in my first yr i started my preparation 20 days prior the exams 2nd yr it became 5 days 4th sem 2 days 5th sem 1 day 6th sem 5 hrs 7th sem 4 hrs 8th sem 3 hrs ...i have no idea how is it gonna be in 10th sem....no exageration in the time we seriously do tat .....

Thoorika said...

@padma : Thanks!! for now, I am trying to act well like studying!! otherwise mom will kill me!!

@deepti : Yeah, I know. The study hours keep decreasing!! Keep visiting!!

nan said...

who was that friend?!you atleast tried to study!!appreciate your efforts kiddo!

Thoorika said...

Dinesh!! shhhhh.. dont tell him tat I lied!! ;P

nan said...

of course i will!!!:P

Vinz aka Vinu said...

went back to engineering college days... study times..!!


blogrolling u..!!

Thoorika said...

Thanks vinu!! I like your blog!! Blogrolled ya also!!

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